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Organic Growth Advice

Are you looking for an experienced external SEO expert who can give your team new ideas, critically examine your strategy, or who you can ask specific questions to? Please feel free to contact me. Together, we will find a way to meet your needs.

International SEO

Have a multilingual website and want to generate more organic traffic and revenue for other countries? I will help you choose the best domain and hreflang setup, market analysis, and the most suited method of monitoring for your domain.

Yearly SEO Project

You’re interested in SEO, but don’t have enough capacity or internal know-how? I can support you with that. I offer permanent SEO consulting and will coordinate all your essential SEO activities for at least a year.

SEO Migration

Successful migrations are essential for SEO. Here, experience, communication, and accuracy are critical. I would be happy to help you with your migration, whether you change the CMS, a domain, or require a combination of several changes.

SEO Audits

Do you want an external domain assessment and SEO audit? I will identify any corresponding weaknesses in terms of technology, structure, content, or site speed, and will prepare a prioritized catalogue of measures for you to take.

SEO Workshops

Looking for SEO workshops or seminars? Interested in some deep-dive trainings? Whether for management, your in-house department, or to develop a new strategy, I can support you on location or in a specially rented conference room.

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What others say about me

Andor is one of the SEO experts whose opinion I always ask for when it comes to strategic or complex questions in SEO. Besides his profound knowledge, his pragmatic approach helps to prioritize the right measures to achieve a relevant business impact. Communication with him is always open, objective, and goal-oriented. I am happy to recommend Andor to others!
Maximilian Schirmer
CEO | Forbes 30 under 30
Andor is an absolute SEO expert and always a good choice when it comes to technical SEO questions. He is well versed in handling complex SEO issues and is capable of providing clear explanations typically backing his stance with relevant SEO data. It has been a real pleasure working with Andor and I can only recommend his expertise.
Tristan Pirouz
Co-CEO at Joyce & Girls
Andor is a professional SEO consultant who is competent in both strategic and technical issues. He is open and direct in his communication, which is very helpful in the dialogue and prioritization of measures. Due to his experience, he understands procedural challenges in optimization, which made him a valued advisor to our team. If you need professional help in SEO, you are on the safe page with Andor.
Christoph Behn
CEO & Founder better ventures | Founder kartenmacherei & celebrate
I worked together with Andor during my time at, one of the largest finance websites in Poland. Working together with Andor was both fun and efficient. He is truly an exceptional technical and international SEO consultant with deep SEO knowledge. Giving us advice regarding both on-page and off-page issues, he helped us to solve fundamental problems. I would definitely recommend his service and advice.
Wojciech Skąpski
Co-founder, IF.PL
I had the pleasure to work with Andor at the same company for a couple of years and he was a great professional to work with. He is a highly focused person as well as analytical and can add years of SEO expertise to every company. I definitely recommend Andor to any job.
Isabel Süß
Vice President Marketing at Spark Networks (NYSE:LOV)
Andor is an excellent SEO consultant and excels thanks to his sharp mind and analytical way of working even in competitive SEO segments such as Couponing. I’ve had the chance to work together in 2013 with him on our Couponing portals in different international markets and we achieved pretty good results (for Google but also Yandex). So if you are in need of a hands-on technical SEO expert with a great mindset, you found him with Andor!
Stefan Nolte

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